An extreme steep face


Analysing terrain data








Er 6 is a very steep face with three chutes that you can either get to from the Paradise Chair or the Top of the World Express.

The run is easier to get to from the Paradise Chair.

Descend the cat track on your right and look for the entrance at the gates marked ER 6.

Enter the area and scope out your line.

Enter into the upper portion of the line and you can choose to either descend into the obvious chute ahead of you or had left to access the other two chutes.

This run is extremely steep and is a major adrenaline rush.

The view of Mt Whitehorn to the left is astounding.

You can really see how large this resort is from this perspective.

Descend on the right into upper Kiddies to exit to the Cat track and back to the Paradise Chairlift.