A run with an incredible vista


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This run keeps you high above the Standish Face with an incredible 360 degree view.

Take the Standish Express and unload at the top.

Head slightly left towards the Blue which crests the top of Standish Mountain.

If the view is clear, you have a perfect 360 degree view of Goat's Eye Mountain (9200 ft) straight ahead, Twin Carins (8354 ft) to your left and Lookout Mountain (8954 ft) to your right.

It is from this vantage point that you can truly take in how massive this resort is.

This run can be a bit icy in marginal conditions, but when it is good you can almost get the feeling of flying as you continue above Standish Face.

You always have the opportunity to dip right on to the steeps of Standish Face, or if you continue straight ahead you will end up on the Black section of the Standish Run, a large mogul field.

Descend the Mogul field and meet up with Dell Valley Run to meet up with Standish Express and the Upper Village