This 35 km bike ride takes you through Hardangervidda to Kalhovd Turisthytte and back to Rjukan via Atrå.









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This 90 km bike ride takes you through Hardangervidda, to Kalhovd Turisthytte, Atrå and back to Rjukan.

It takes around 5,5 hours in total.

The ride starts with a spectacular ride with Krossobanen, the cable car that transports you from the valley of Rjukan and up to Hardangervidda in 5 minutes.

The first 2 km is a steep climb.

After about 14 km you will reach the highest point of the hike tour, 1178 meters above sea level.

The last few kilometers before Kalhovd Turisthytte goes along the Kils and Kalhovd fjords with great views of Hardangervidda. If you want to make this a two-day-adventure you can spend the night at Kalhovd Turisthytte and continue the day after.

The bike ride to Kalhovd Turisthytte takes around 2,5 hours.

Kalhovd Turisthytte is also a perfect place for a lunch. Continue towards Atrå with a great downhill ride down the Breiset valley and the Gauset valley, along a rushing river and many beautiful picnic areas.

After arriving to Atrå, continue on the main road to Rjukan.

This is an easy and beautiful bike ride along Tinn lake.

Be careful att look out for the traffic.