This stunning panoramic mountain is one of the main attractions of the canton of Lugano. Not only does Monte San Salvatore offer its guests a magnificent view from all sides, but it also offers numerous hiking trails. The most classic hiking tour starts at the top of the mountain, runs through a chestnut forest along the lake and leads to the town of Morkote. It is not difficult to reach the top, and in just 12 minutes the funicular takes you up to a height of 909 meters from Lugano-Paradiso.


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It is hard to imagine a more beautiful and breathtaking panoramic view of 360 degrees than the one that opens from the observation deck on the top: from Lake Lugano to the valley of the Po River, then on top of the Swiss Alps and to the alpine landscapes of Savoy.

The descent to Morkota at the beginning of the route is very steep.

However, the lighter trails start from Siona, without any significant height fluctuations that lead you through the forest to Carona, a village of writers and artists that has become a source of inspiration for many artists, including Hermann Hesse.

The Parco San Grato Botanical Garden is also worth a visit, with its remarkable collection of rhododendrons, azaleas and conifers and plants. An easy forest trail passes through Carona, past the Madonna Sanctuary of Ongero and an hour later leads to Alpe Vicania, whose grotto restaurant seems to have a special magical attraction for the locals in the summer season.

Going down an idyllic, secluded path through the chestnut forest and then going over a hundred steps up, the route takes you to the picturesque lakeside town of Morkote, from where you can afford to take your way back to Lugano on the water, having a wonderful rest after a breathtaking walk through the canton of Ticino. Translated with