A great open face to make fresh turns


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Standish holds some of Sunshine's best powder.

On a fresh day, this is a great zone to visit.

Take the Standish Express and unload.

Take in the full panorama, with Twin Carins (8354 ft) on the right, the impressive double backed Quatrz Ridge straight ahead and Lookout Mountian (8954 ft) on the right.

An amazing vista and a great place to take some photos.

Proceed straight ahead towards the Black Diamond and survey the face.

You have many options, all which lead to Jerry's Run.

Take a few runs here and get to know the area's sub zones, there are some small cliffs and the face ebbs and flows.

Once you get to know this area it can pay with repeated face shots on a powder day.

Keep your game in check cause you're under the chair! After repeatedly getting smashed in the face with powder (or on sparse days moguls) meet up with Jerry's run and head back to Standish Express for seconds.