Steep chutes and extreme terrain


Analysing terrain data








This is an area that you should do a little scoping on before entering.

It's highly visible from the top of the Summit chair and from Honeycomb Canyon.

The hike to the top is accessed from the top of the chair to the left then out the gate and straight up the side of the mountain in the bootpack.

It's not an easy one and requires that you have to traverse a knife-ridge spot and some mixed rock and snow climbing / hiking.

If you do decide on heading for the summit of Fantasy Ridge, you will be rewarded with an amazing view that looks over much of the Wasatch mountains.

From the top the descents off the peak are not recommended unless you have the extreme skills necessary to accomplish your goals and know what line you are choosing.

Most people will traverse past this are toward Honeycomb peak and find a more defined route down a chute.