A Run from the top of Mt. Whitehorn









Take the Summit Platter to get to the top of Mt Whitehorn.

The Platter can make for difficult travel, but once you get to the top head right and look for the "Third Gate".

Cut left into the area and check out the amazing view on front of you.

Directly in front will be Richardson Ridge, with Redoubt Mountain on the right.

Descend down this spectacular black diamond.

The sun usually shines on these chutes, making for incredible scenery and turns.

This area is often used for promo material because the skiing looks so amazing from this high up in the alpine.

Descend into the upper Saddleback Bowl area and join up with Wounded Knee for an incredible run.

Descend further to the cat track to meet up with the Paradise Chair and, if you continue further down the Ptarmigan and the Larch Chair.

The Paradise and Ptarmigan Chairs will bring you back to the Front Side.