A great companion route to La Fare Canyon, sharing the same approach


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Another fantastic off-piste line on the Petites Rousses wall, but again the difficulty of the skiing is far outweighed by the seriousness of the terrain and the route-finding complexities.

Start as for La Fare Canyon and follow the same approach until you reach the bowl below cliffs at the head of the canyon.

Instead of descending the floor of the bowl to enter the canyon, traverse horizontally rightwards towards a small ridge that separates the canyon from a second bowl below steep cliffs on the right.

Ski down a beautiful pitch in the floor of the bowl, staying fairly close to the cliffs, and where the angle eases, bear right under the cliff to avoid a large rock-face below.

This leads to an obvious wide ramp, which back leftwards to the base of the wall, where the route rejoins the La Fare Canyon route back to the Cascade piste