A staple trail running loop on Lookout Mountain that extends into Georgia.


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Whether you're a local or just visiting, this is one of the best trail runs Chattanooga has to offer.

Just a short drive from downtown, the loop traverses historic Lookout Mountain into Georgia and showcases one of the best trails in the region - the Bluff Trail. Start your run at Cravens House, the trail enters the forest just behind it.

If the gate is closed, there is a secondary lot just below the main one.

Most runners prefer this route counter-clockwise, beginning with a steady traverse on an old road bed to warm up.

After descending Gum Springs Trail, you'll take a left onto Skyuka Trail and gradually descend closer to the valley below.

This portion is quite secluded and you'll quickly forget how close to town you are.

This section has a rugged, backcountry feel and Skyuka Springs is the perfect opportunity to hydrate before a punishing climb out of the valley.

The Bluff Trail lies ahead - an excellent reward for your efforts. The Bluff Trail parallels the western ridge of the mountain and showcases several massive sandstone cliffs on one side - with incredible views of the valley on the other.

Your last stop along this loop is Sunset Rock, a rock outcropping with a phenomenal overlook.

Its close proximity to the trailhead makes this an excellent destination for a shorter run.

From there, it's all downhill back to the trailhead. The official route links the following trails when completed counter-clockwise: Rifle Pits > Guild > Gum Springs > Skyuka > John Smartt > Bluff > Cravens House Sources: https://rootsrated.com/chattanooga-tn/trail-running/big-daddy-loop-on-the-bluff-trail