Extreme Steep Chute









The Ultimate Steeps is an incredible area to explore.

The "E" Gully or Exit Only as it is know by locals, is a fairly narrow chute in the 40 + degree range.

You need to be an expert skier to attempt this run.

Take the Summit Platter to the top of Mt Whitehorn and enter the second Ultimate Steeps entrance to your left.

It can be difficult to figure out your line, it's a good idea to scout your entrance below on Boomerang.

Drop into the chute, which is long and committing.

This area usually gets good sun in the afternoon, but it can be difficult on bad vis days.

There is a great view of Hikers Paradise to your left and straight ahead is Richardson's Ridge.

Once you enter the chute you will have large rock walls on either side.

This is pretty steep terrain, so take a second to enjoy the view above and below you.

Descend and meet up with the main cat track that brings you back to the Paradise Chair to pop back to the Front Side for laps.

You can also continue further down to the Ptarmigan and Larch Chairs to further explore the back side.

The Ptarmigan also brings you back to the Front Side.