A beautiful peak with an amazing summit slope. No giggles at the back about the name, please.


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This is a fabulous peak which enjoys extraordinary (and extraordinarily varied) 360 degree views.

Its rather "unusual" name also makes it an appealing summit! Drive up a jeep track to the large carpark next to the Gasthaus Arzkasten and leave your car here.

Hike north-west up a road, which quickly becomes a jeep track, signposted for the Wankspitze itself and the Lehnberghaus.

After 5 minutes of hiking branch off left onto a path which crosses a river and heads into the trees.

This path gets smaller and smaller until it's winding through dense trees and is wide enough for only one hiker at a time.

Around 1 hour after leaving the carpark you'll emerge out at the Lehnberghaus itself - a charming mountain hut and restaurant nestled in a large clearing in the forest.

Walk past the hut and begin climbing north-east back into the trees.

Follow the path (which isn't always clear but is marked by red and white paint marks) as it climbs - quite steeply at times - to a spectacular viewpoint which is home to some comfortable benches.

Take a break but don't get too comfy - you've still got some more work to do! Carry on north-west up through more forests to reach the foot of the Wankspitze's south-facing summit slope.

Follow the path as it zig zags up the right hand side of this and then swings around onto the summit itself.

The summit enjoys truly spectacular views, with peaks from half a dozen famous ranges visible.

The scenery in the foreground is dominated to the north by the rocky south face of the Östliche Griesspitze, which is spectacular and intimidating in equal measure. To the south, the summit slope drops away dramatically in a way which is almost vertigo-inducing.

It would make an excellent but serious ski descent in winter. Having taken in the ambience and views, descend by the same route.

The Lehnberghaus is a wonderful spot to stop for lunch, and the Gasthaus Arzkasten isn't bad either!