The start of the Ultimate Steeps


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"A"Gully is the first of the official "Ultimate Steeps".

There are several ways to get into this area.

You can either proceed directly past the Summit Platter, or descend the Ridge Run and head left to enter the A Gully, also known to locals as Adrenaline.

The sun often shines on the chutes and this area should really be explored left to right (from the bottom view which can be seen via Boomerang).

The chutes get steeper and more critical the further left you go.

The pitch of A Gully is very steep, but open enough so that you can really bite into your turns.

Descend the chute which eventually funnels out in the valley below.

This area usually gets sun in the afternoon, but can be difficult in a whiteout.

The valley itself usually has fresh snow and is a ton of fun.

It meets back up with the lower cat track that brings you to Paradise Chair.

You can continue further to Larch and Ptarmigan to continue exploring.