Extreme Terrain you can view from the Chair


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The Elevator Shaft is perhaps Lake Louise's most feared chute.

A massive avalanche chute that averages a 40 + degree fall line for 1300 ft .

Earn your turns, your about to hike up Lipalian Mountain.

First, you have to get to the Larch Chair.

Larch offers everything from mellow Green Runs to the Extreme Elevator Shaft and a gate to access the Backcountry zones of Wolverine Ridge and Purple Bowl.

To get to the Larch area you will need to get to the very back of the resort via either the Grizzly Gondola, The Top of the World Express or the Summit Platter.

All Back Bowl runs will lead you down a Cat Track named Pika that will lead to Larch.

Ascend the Larch Chair and straight ahead, you will see the Backcountry Gates.

Do not pass if closed, the Lake Louise team are great at opening terrain so if it's closed, it's with good reason.

Strap your skis or board to your back and begin the 45 minute + hike up to the Crux of the Elevator Shaft.

You can also choose to ascend fully to the top of Lipalian, although you are going out of bounds at this point.

Given the remote nature of this area, it would be wise to treat this as a Backcountry scenario, partner, gear etc.

Once you have arrived, you will see the massive chute below you.

Best to ride the sides in case of sluff, this area is a no fall zone.

Descend the massive chute and take in the incredible view with massive rock walls on either side.

You are given no rest as you descend and will see massive VW sized boulders on the right or left.

Once you have completed this epic run, take a look from the bottom (Rock Garden) and admire the view.

You will exit through Rock Garden where you will see what Elevator Shaft had shed once long ago.

An incredible experience to be had, if the gates are open.