The highline chute









The H Gully, known as the Highline is the last obvious chute in the Ultimate Steeps.

The Ultimate Steeps is an extreme area of chutes for experts only.

Take the Summit Platter to the top of Mt Whitehorn (8652 ft) and enjoy the view of the Canadian Rockies.

Mt Temple, Victoria and Fairview behind you, the Hikers Paradise to your left and Richardson's Ridge in front.

Enter at the far left end of the Ultimate Steeps to find the entrance of Highline.

The top of the chute has a roll at the top, with some cliffs in the middle to explore.

This is a very steep chute and the view in the middle of the chute is amazing, with a large rock wall on your left.

Descend and meet up the cat track to meet up the Paradise Chair for seconds or down to the Ptarmigan or Larch Chairs to further explore the backside.

The Ptarmigan also takes you back to the Front Side.