Huge bowl with access to both wide open terrain and excellent tree skiing









Offering the best bowl skiing at Heavenly, the Milky Way Bowl provides an abundance of opportunities to chase powder in both wide open terrain and trees.

To get into the Bowl, look to your right as you approach the end of Skyline Trail, or stay to skier's left as you get off the Dipper Express lift.

Upon entering Milky Way Bowl, stay skier's left to make some turns over gentle undulations as you glide through a wide gully (if you keep up enough speed, you'll spot plenty of natural features that will let you get some air).

If you're up for a bit more adventure, keep traversing and stay high to skier's right and head towards the trees, which offer the best turns on a powder day.

The further you go, the steeper the pitch and denser the trees, so your options are endless...

but either way, make sure to catch a glimpse of Carson City, NV, on the valley floor far below.

You can drop in at any time, but expert skiers / boarders can use the Bowl to get to Killebrew Canyon (by staying hard right, traversing the full width of the Bowl and looking for gates marked "A", "B", and "C") or Mott Canyon (by exiting the bottom of the Bowl and staying right, looking for gates marked "One" through "Six").

Word of warning: Killebrew and Mott offer some of the steepest and most technical terrain on the mountain, so it's best to leave them to the experts.