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Recommended season: from April to October with views, fauna and botanical highlights0 km Haibach.

From the village square we head north to the village of Dorf, where we turn left and drive through the villages of Rennersdorf and Pamet.

After 2.2 km we turn left and after 1.2 km we reach the Freudental road from which we now descend steeply to the main road.

There we turn right and after a short drive on the right side we reach the village Schlögen7 km.

Near the landing stage of the ship directly in front of the "Hotel Donauschlinge" you can visit the remains of the exposed west gate of the Roman fort Joviacum.

Also a side trip on foot (30 min.) to the vantage point Schlögener Blick should not be missed.

Continue along the Inzell freight road (old shipping lane), past the Severin Chapel to the village of the same name, 11 km Inzell.

Here there is an early Gothic ship's church, which belongs to the HL.

Santa Claus was consecrated.

This little church is owned by the municipality of Haibach and was built in 1155 by a count of the empire, who was in danger of his life on the Danube and saved in Inzell.

Along the stairway past numerous small religious monuments and a picturesque landscape we reach the village of 16 km Kobling.

600 m after the Danube ferry Kobling-Obermühl we turn left again into the Danube cycle path Passau-Wien.

On an idyllic route under shady leaves, past the Danube power station Aschach we reach the Donaumarkt32 km Aschach.

The glorious shipping history of the market is still testified today by the numerous well-kept town houses.

Immediately after the pharmacy we turn right through a narrow lane and we come back to a crossroad where we turn right again and reach the village of 34 km Haizing.

Here we turn right into the main road, drive through the village and now we have to go uphill for the first time, whereby our eyes fall again and again on the Eferdinger basin that is already below us.

After 8 km we reach our starting point again, the place of 42 km Haibach.