Very narrow extreme chute









The I Gully, or otherwise known as "the eye" is a very steep and narrow chute that is pretty much a straight shot to the bottom.

Take the Summit Platter to the summit of Mt.

Whitehorn (8652 ft).

Continue down the Boomerang track and look for the entrance, slightly around the bend on the right hand side.

There are 2 entrances in.

The one slight left descends below a rock outcrop and into the main chute, or the one above that drops a straight shot to the bottom.

Take in the view before you drop..

It's pretty intense.

Best to scope from below first.

Descend and meet up the cat track to meet up the Paradise Chair for seconds or down to the Ptarmigan or Larch Chairs to further explore the backside.

The Ptarmigan also takes you back to the Front Side.

The weather here is usually sunny in the afternoon, but not recommended in a whiteout.