One of the steeper tree runs at Bridger









Kurt's is a really fun alley through moderately steep lodgepoles.

It begins with flat nicely spaced trees off of Bitterroot, then rolls over into the main alley, which still has some trees interspaced in the middle of it.

There are tighter spaced trees to either side that hold good powder late in the day, even in the spring due to the shade that the trees provide.

The main gut of Kurt's does get baked in the spring due to its Southeast aspect.

A great run early on a powder day.

Also it is a good run to get better at skiing the trees after you've mastered Baby Bear or Eagle.

Beware early season as there are lots of stumps, logs, rocks, and bushes.

Kurt's dumps you out fairly far out on Pierre's Return, so be prepared for a long flat ski back to Pierre's chair or the base area.