Second of the Ulitmate Steeps









The "B" Gully, referred to by locals as Big Horn is a very steep chute in the Ultimate Steeps area.

Ascend to the top of the Summit Platter to access the Ultimate Steeps.

The is an experts only area and it might be a good idea to scope your line from below on the Boomerang track.

Enter at the Ultimate Steeps gates just past the Summit Platter and descend the roll into Big Horn.

This gully has large natural walls and some small cliffs on the way in.

Enjoy the view of Richardson Ridge ahead and the Hikers Paradise on the right.

Drop into the Big Horn, once you get into this area it will be obvious.

Not quite tight chute, but enough of a natural feature to give you that adrenaline.

Descend to the valley below where there is usually fresh snow waiting.

The Steeps also see a lot of sun, and the view is amazing when conditions are good.

When conditions are marginal is can be difficult to make out the terrain.

Best left for clear days if you are new to the Steeps.

Meet up with the cat track that brings you to Paradise Chair that brings you back to the Summit Platter on the front side.

You can continue down to the Larch and Ptarmigan chairs that have more terrain to explore.