One of the four 14er summits in the Sierra Blanca Massif.









FATMAP difficulty grade



Mount Lindsey forms a part of impressive Sierra Blanca Massif, which also includes Blanca Peak, Ellingwood Point, and Little Bear Peak.

The standard northwest route mapped here isn’t technically the easiest route, but it’s recommended due to the quality of the rock on the route.

While this ascent technically is a Class 3 climb, the Class 3 section is short.

The quality of the rock more than makes up for a few difficult moves. The route mapped here approaches via a lengthy hike on the Lily Lake trail and another unmarked trail.

When you reach the main climb, you’ll be able to spot the steep gully that forms the majority of your technical climb.

The climbing in the gully offers some relatively stable rocks, but always be aware of loose rocks and dirt.

Some Class 3 moves are required, but the climb is still relatively non-technical. []( warns that "Once the snow has melted out of the gully used in this route, consider using the Northwest Ridge route instead.

The ridge is steeper, more exposed and requires plenty of Class 3 scrambling but it's much more stable.

However, if you are freaked out by exposure or don't think you're up to scrambling on steeper rock, stick to this route…” The route included here in FATMAP follows the gully.

But to follow the ridge route, simply stay on the exposed ridge and make directly for the summit of Mount Lindsey. Sources: