The adventure awaits you in the Feistritzklamm. Thundering water, mighty rock faces and bold fords.









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The tour of the senses Thundering water, mighty rock faces and bold fords: the Feistritzklamm gorge is a cycle path that is as eventful as it is free of traffic.

Fire salamanders, ring snakes and tree frogs scurry beside the cycle track, in the treetops wagtails, chaffinches and green woodpeckers give a concert. Tips for cyclists along the Feistritzklamm gorge: Park+Bike+Ride Platz KaibingKaibing, " "www.gasthof-kricker.atRadwirt Kricker: Entry point for motorists, from here the entire ApfelLand can be reached by bike. River pubs KaibingKaibing and St.

Johann, " " Hiking trail along and in the river Feistritz, unique, wonderful nature experience Gradieranlage FieberbründlMaria Fieberbründl, " ", salt water flows over spruce branches, air accumulates (aerosols) has a healing effect on the respiratory tract Feistritz-StrandFeistritztal, " " at the Feistritz Wine-growing region "Weinberg-Hoferberg "FeistritztalView over half of eastern Styria, Buschenschänken with delicious food, drinks and award-winning wines Garden Castle and Wildlife HerbersteinSt.

Johann bei Herberstein, ", ",, Castle, Gironcoli Museum, Historical Gardens, Feistritzklamm Nature Conservation Area StubenbergseeStubenberg am See, " "www.stubenberg.atBadesee, broad sports and leisure programme, tennis, mini golf, children's amusement parks, lake cinema, restaurants Stubenberg CastleStubenberg am See, " " "What's special is rare enough", romantic arcade courtyard, ballroom, castle tavern and fine hotel SchielleitenStubenberg Castle on the lake, " "www.schielleiten.bsfz.atHochwertige Facilities, indoor golf, indoor tennis, mountain bike hire, ideal base for recreational sports enthusiasts Tiefenbacher WeinviertelBetween Schloss Schielleiten and Tiefenbach, " "www.weinbau-gruber.atBuschenschänken between Vockenberg and Haidbichel, vineyards, cellars, large playgrounds for children Hödl Hof - SchnapslehrpfadStubenberg am See, " "www.edelbrand.atSpaziergang through the apricot gardens, information on the production of the finest brandies, cultivation of old fruit varieties, Schnapsmuseum. Waldlehrpfad - BachbauermühleStubenberg am See 51, " "www.biobauernhof-sommer.com713 m Walderlebnis-Pfad zw.

Bachbauermühle u.

UaB-Betrieb "Sommer", overview of local tree and mushroom species, information about ant hills and stone species FeistritzklammGleisdorf show power station, " "www.feistritzwerke.atMaschinenbau and electrical engineering combined with state-of-the-art computer control, buildings in their original state as in 1905. hummelnest, Gasthof StixpeterFloing, " "www.hummelnest.atWerfen Take a look into the hidden world of bumblebees! Large children's playground far away from the traffic, fruit depending on the season (cherries, apricots, plums, peaches, apples).

Museum. Steir.

Obstbaumuseum - Haus des ApfelsPuch bei Weiz, " "www.mostschank-kelz.atAn of the Steirische Apfelstraße, history of apples, documented orchard, beehive with beehive, press house with abacus cellar KulmkeltendorfKulm near Weiz, " "www.kulm-keltendorf.atUrgeschichtliches Open-air museum TöchterlehofFeistritz near Anger, " "www.toechterle.at1.

Austrian mare milk stud, horse breeding and sale, petting zoo, mare milk products, farm shop. Café "Die Glocke" - right on the Oberfeistritz cycle path, homemade pastries, ice-cream specialities and regional delicacies are served on the sun terrace right on the R8 cycle path. Experience way honey bee Anger, www.apfelland.infoStart is with the open air bath Anger, past the Mostschenke to the fairy tale forest settlement, Schaubienenstock, with the village inn bee products to taste and acquire. BMX track BaierdorfAnger, " "www.bmx-baierdorf.atInternationale A-Bahn, one of the most beautiful in Europe Sommerrodelbahn & MotorikparkKoglhof, " "www.sommerrodelbahn-koglhof.atErlebnis for the whole family, 1,050 m tobogganing fun, 8 steep curves, 7 jumps, up to 40 km/h