Steep Chute with large walls









"C" Gully, or Chimney is part of the Ultimate Steeps, a collection of chutes in the 40 degree range.

Take the Summit Platter and enter the Ultimate Steeps Gate to the left.

C Gully is almost directly inline with the Platter.

It might be a good idea to scope out your run from below to find the chute you are looking for.

Chimney has large walls and makes for an amazing descent.

There are natural features and cliffs on the way in, but once your in the view is truly amazing.

Take in the view of the valley below, it's pretty spectacular from here.

It's a good idea to take a sec and check out the vertical wall you are descending.

This area usually has sun, but can be tricky to navigate in a whiteout, so it's best to either go with a local, or to have good conditions for the descent.

Continue to the valley below for some fresh pow.

Meet up the Paradise chair and over to the Summit Platter on the Front Side for seconds.