The first stage is much shorter than the others and also less strenuous, because it leads constantly along the Danube and is therefore completely flat.









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If you also start the way here at the grave of St.

Wolfgang in St.

Emmeram, then the best way to leave Regensburg is as follows: Turn right at Emmeramsplatz and drive along St.

Peter's Path until you reach Maximilianstraße, where you turn left.

It is the only wide and straight street in the old town of Regensburg.

At the cathedral, turn left into Domstraße, then at the cathedral and the corner until you reach the street "Unter den Schwibbögen", which you turn right.

One gets to a bigger place where one sees the Danube bridge "Eiserner Steg".

If you have used this, then you are on the island Wöhrd, where the marking of the Danube cycle path becomes visible.

This path is so well signposted that you can't miss it all day long.

A description of the exact course of the route does not seem necessary and we will limit ourselves to what can be seen and experienced along the cycle path, first through the Regensburg suburbs of Schwabelweis and Tegernheim, then long stretches along the dam that protects the country from flooding.

After Donaustauf, the slopes get closer to the river, you don't miss to look up to Walhalla.

About twenty kilometres after Donaustauf, you pass Wörth, which stands out for its picturesque castle, once the residence of the bishops of Regensburg.

The cycle path then goes through the "brettelflache" Danube plain, one drives through several small villages.

Sossau, which already belongs to the city area of Straubing, with its interesting pilgrimage church, is located in this landscape.

From Sossau it is best to drive along the Danube, i.e.

eastwards, to the next bridge (Agnes Bernauer Brücke), on which you cross the river and go straight ahead on the cycle path directly into Straubing.

: 2nd stage - Regensburg to St.