From Vilshofen it goes in southeast direction to Ortenburg. We are in the Bavarian Klosterwinkel, also called Lower Bavarian Toscana. The path leads through slightly hilly terrain, before St. Wolfgang near Weng there is even a short, steep gradient. One crosses the Bayrische Bäderdreieck and finally reaches the Inn, where there are excellently developed and equipped cycle paths.









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From the town square of Vilshofen we drive to the Vilsbrücke bridge, where we have a nice look back at the town, and then straight on through the Vilsvorstadt.

After the railway underpass we keep left in the direction of Ortenburg.

In a slight gradient the road leads to Zeitlarn, where we turn right immediately after the bus shelter and thus come to the Wolfach cycle path, which we follow to Ortenburg.Ortenburg is known as an evangelical enclave in the middle of the deeply catholic Lower Bavaria.At the market place of Ortenburg the path branches off to the west to Parschalling, we reach the road PA 28 via it and just after Parschalling we reach the worth seeing place of pilgrimage Sammarei.On the village road and then again on the PA 75 we continue to Sachsenham.

Not far from Haarbach, the PA 75 merges to the right into the PA 78.

On this road, one passes some small villages like Riedertsham, always staying straight on this road.

Hötzenham and Schnellertsham.

In the forest above Schnellerstham, a road branches off to the right, on which it goes deeper into the forest and out, and then again to the left a relatively steep gravel path.

At the end of the path and the forest you are in St.

Wolfgang near Griesbach.

From St.

Wolfgang you quickly descend to Weng.

You're in the Rotthal in the so-called spa triangle.

Bad Birnbach is on the right, Bad Griesbach on the left.

If we don't have the visit of one of the two thermal baths on the program, we don't touch either of the two places but drive straight through them on the PA 72.

We stay on this road even after we have crossed the main road and then turn left and after the village of Kindlbach turn right again.

In this way we reach the golf course Sägmühle.

The area around Bad Griesbach is richer with golf courses than any other region in Germany.

After the golf course we cross the Rott, keep left and after a gradient we reach the village of Asbach, where we continue south on the asphalt road over a hill.

At the lower end of the market square, turn east and you will come to the Bahnhofstraße, which branches off to the right.

This is where the cycle path "Alter Dammweg" begins, on which you can ride out into the Inn Valley in a pleasant, level ride off the beaten track.

It ends in Kirchham and flows into the Inn cycle path.

In Kirchham you are in the area of the thermal bath Bad Füssing, located a little to the north.

You can tell by the many coffee houses and guesthouses.

There is also a castle here, which is at the disposal of the spa guests, and we then use the Inn cycle path, which leads us to the south, always following the course of the Inn.

Since it is a mighty gravel plain, we have no more gradients to expect.

Don't miss the turn-off to Aigen am Inn and risk a short detour to Ering, where you have the opportunity to cross the Inn at a barrage at Frauenstein Castle and switch from Germany to Austria.

There the Inn cycle path continues, it may be even better signposted and provided with more information material than the path on the other side of the river.

Most of the time you drive on a dam and you get a lot of insights into the natural landscape of the Lower Inn with picturesque side arms and a rich flora and fauna.

It is an extensive nature reserve.

The scenic highlight is Hagenau Castle, which is splendidly situated by a pond, an attractive photo motif.

At the end you reach Braunau and have to climb a short hill to reach the higher town.