Main square Leoben - Asia Spa - Proleb - Niklasdorf - Lerchenfeld - Jakobikirche/Massenburg - Stift Göss - Main square Leoben









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We leave the main square in the direction of the railway station and after about 300 metres turn right from Franz Josef Straße onto Roseggerstraße.

At the roundabout, the route continues through the Chinese Gate to the Hotel Falkensteiner and the Asia Spa water adventure world.

Past the ice rink we go to the new Mur power station, where we cross the Mur and then turn right onto Südbahnstraße.

At the first traffic light, turn left onto Seegrabenstraße and shortly afterwards onto Proleberstraße.

After a slight gradient it goes downhill towards Proleb. After Proleb the road meets the Murradweg R2 at the turnoff to Niklasdorf.

We follow it via Niklasdorf back to Leoben.

Through the district Lerchenfeld we follow the Kärntnerstraße up to the turn-off into the city centre at the Mühltalerstraße.

Watch your step! The R2 already turns right two traffic lights before in the direction of the city centre.

At the intersection Kärntnerstraße - Mühltalerstraße we do not drive towards the city centre, but turn left into Dirnböckweg.

There lies the more than thousand year old church St.

Jakob, the former Roman Catholic city parish church of Leoben.

From here the short ascent to the 13th century mass castle is worthwhile.

The ruins were restored in the year 2000, the fortified tower was equipped with a viewing platform from which one has a great view of large parts of the city.

Back to the church St.

Jakob the round continues over the Dreihufeisengasse to Gösser Straße. After mastering a short ascent we roll into the district Göss.

The late Gothic collegiate church of the former Benedictine monastery, which was dissolved in 1782, is still visible from afar.

Particularly worth seeing are the early Romanesque crypt under the choir of the church, the early Gothic frescoes in the Michaelskapelle and the impressive roof truss of the church.

The second landmark of the district, the Gösser Brewery, is located directly next to the former monastery.

The history and present of the world-famous beer are impressively presented in the brewing museum.

The route continues through the so-called Hirschgraben to the Murbrücke bridge, where we turn right onto Mareckkai.

On this road we cycle along the Mur back to the city centre.

Over the Waasen bridge and through the Schwammerlturm we reach the main square.