Enjoyable red run past Fluhalp restaurant


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From the turn off from Rotweng, the medium width rolling slope leads you around to the left under the cliffs above.

It turns into a short gully which opens out to the right above Fluhalp restaurant.

If you aren't too tempted to drop in (the turn off is to the left half way down the main pitch, make sure you have enough speed for the uphill track!), then enjoy the open stretch past Fluhalp, still high enough for good grippy turns, before the pitch narrows and drops away to the right, on a little gully trail winding its way along the moraine ridge.

Look out for Chamois and Ibex along here.

At the end of the track the slope steepens again, and you can see the Gant station in the valley.

This section can be icy, so make sure you have good edges, and enjoy the view of the moraine ridge to the right above you.

At the bottom of this steep section the track flattens, and you can catch your breath on the last open section on the valley floor back to the lift; The bubble; the first lift you hit takes you to Blauherd, the second; the cable car take you up to Hohtälli.