Big cliffs and steep, technical lines. Experts only in this complex and exposed area.









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The Rocher Blanc area is really just a series of cliffs with a mixture of lines running through or over them.

Some are makeable, some aren’t.

It is impossible to describe them all here but if you like complicated route finding in rocky, sometimes technically challenging terrain then this area is worth a visit.

The area changes character year on year depending on snow and weather conditions but there is always something to challenge even the best skiers and snowboarders.

The lines are short and definitely require scoping out from below first but they are rewarding when done right.

From the top of the Bois des Coqs button lift, turn left and traverse under the Rocher Blanc cliff face.

You’ll need to side step up a little bit to get over the lower cliff band.

Then it’s simply a question of picking your line and going.

It is vital you get your line right here as there are some big cliffs should you take a wrong turn or fall in the wrong place.