Open trees with options









Mirkwood is a sparsely treated area with lots of options.

To reach this area take Home Run from the Top of the World and dip into the trees on your left-hand side.

This area is open to explore the further left to go the more you will ascend the hill on the left side of Grizzly Gully.

You can choose to get back into Grizzly Gully by heading right at any point.

Feels free to explore the whole area, there are sweet spots and fresh powder often to be had.

You can't really go the wrong way, if you head too far left and pass the Top of the World Express you will just be heading down to either the Grizzly Express or to the Gondola.

This area is a local favorite and holds fresh snow for long periods of time.

It's also good place to check out on a fresh pow day.

There is also a great view looks down the Bow Valley so stop and take in the sights.