Trees that bring you to the Summit Platter









Tight Turn is likely named so because of the sharp right hand turn you will take after leaving these great trees.

You can hit the zone either from the Summit Platter or from the Top of the World Chairlift.

From the Top of the World Chairlift Head into the Sunset Valley either via Sunset Terrace or Sunset Gully.

Head to your right and enter the sparsely tree'd forest.

Feel free to explore this area, there may be some small moguls and tight turns but eventually you'll pop out below the trees.

Head out immediately right and you will be just below the Summit Platter where after a few kick steps you'll be ready to take another lap.

From the Summit Platter Head to Sunset and then to the trees straight ahead.

Dip into the trees and you will be in tight turn.

Again the Summit Platter will be on your right hand side as soon as you exit the trees.

In shoulder season this area can be marginal as it sees a lot of traffic but in the right conditions these trees are spaced just far enough to part to be a ton of fun.