FATMAP difficulty grade



On the asphalt road to the west, turn left at the first junction.

After a short ascent you reach the bridge over the Älpeler stream.

Continue on the gravel forest path up to Höfersee.

After approx.

300m turn right.

The gravel meadow path leads to Zöblen.

At the bus stop, turn right onto the main road.

After approx.

150m turn left into the village of Zöblen, uphill towards Obere Halde.

Follow the signs and turn right towards Tannheim.

Turn left at the campsite, up into the forest and continue to Berg, a district of Tannheim.

Above the houses further to the Schäferhütte, there left uphill to Grän.

Shortly before Grän, turn right, go downhill, always on the asphalt road, once changing the creek side, we reach the sports field.

Continue to the left, along the stream, then right over the bridge and to the underpass.

After the sawmill turn right and follow the signs towards Tannheim.

At the lifts in Tannheim sharp left, direction Vilsalpsee.

From Vilsalpsee to Tannheim we drive on the road.

Again in Tannheim turn left to the grotto and continue to the car park.

Tip of the author: Beautiful, but a bit demanding tour.

Many possibilities of a rest or a stop with good vantage points.

Safety information: It should be noted that in cycling there can be an increased risk of accident and injury.

Despite careful route planning, a basic risk always remains.

Tour preparation through endurance sports, appropriate technical training and advanced training as well as personal prudence reduces the risk of accidents and risks.

But please never forget that the weather in the mountains can change very quickly.

Stay on the marked paths.

In Austria, mountain biking is generally forbidden by law on all forest and hiking trails, with the exception of expressly approved mountain bike trails.

Entrances on forest roads are sometimes marked with prohibition signs and additional information such as "no cycling".

Hiking trails do not have these prohibition signs, however, driving on the trails is forbidden.

Equipment: Personal equipment must be safe, usable and of the appropriate technical standard.

Every e-biker is recommended to inform himself about the planned tours in technical literature or on site.

Complete equipment recommended even for the experienced! Further information and links:Tourismusverband Tannheimer Tal,