Amazing view on the upper part of the piste on the Monte Rosa









From the village of Gressoney of Trinite, with skis on, going up with a two-seater chairlift you reach the Punta Jolanda, immersed in an enchanted forest of larch where during the early morning hours you can see some animals of the indigenous wildlife.

At the height of the ascent, the view is amazing, the view over the valley and the breathtaking beauty of the Monte Rosa filled the beautiful scenery.

The descent allows for two possibilities: the first option taking the red track G3 Jolanda on the right and a second option, the black track G4 Jolanda 1 on the left.

Coming down on the slope Jolanda are in very narrow streets sometimes alternating with slopes of medium intensity.

Two critical points with steeper slopes, especially in the case of frozen snow, you can bypass through small roads to the side.

The area of Jolanda is perfect in bad weather thanks to its characteristics, it is also the only track that reaches the village of Gressoney La Trinitè.