Oberranna - Kleines Kößlbachtal - four-quarter view - Waldkirchen - Paschinger Hügl - Schlögen









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Recommended time of year: from April to October with views, faunistic/botanical/geological highlights, Donausteig stageFrom the centre of Engelhartszell we turn to the Danube and follow it on a meadow path up to Oberranna.

At the planned Donausteig rest area we turn right, cross the main road and ascend into the forest.

The path leads down again to the entrance of the Kösslbachtal.

Here we turn right and enter the nature reserve Kösslbachtal (corresponds to the round route Waldkirchen until Waldkirchen).

After Waldkirchen we follow the path into the forest and leave it again close to the house collection Erledt to reach the viewpoint Paschinger Hügel, where we have a great panorama and 23 villages and church towers can overlook.

Now it's on to the descent towards Schlögen, there are already views of the Schlögener Schlinge.Accessibility4:Car: Engelhartszell can be reached toll-free on the B 130 from Passau, Linz and Wels, as well as on the B 136 from Schärding.By train: To Linz, Wels, Schärding or Passau by train, continue by bus or regional bus East Bavaria.

By boat: Arrival by scheduled boat Wurm & Noé from Passau and Linz.Parking: Close to the market community office, along Sauwaldstraße, near Engelszell Abbey, in Stiftstraße, Energieplatz