Steep bump run on the lower portion of Solar Coaster, leading to the chairlift









There are a few bump runs that lead to the base of the Solar Coaster Express that are all similar in nature, Free Fall, Black Magic and Sorcerer.

They are all located next door to one another and are accessed off the Green Line road.

All of these lines are worth a look when you're in the mood for a steep yet not overly lengthy mogul run.

They are hidden from the sun and therefore the moguls are usually icy and packed, unless it has snowed recently.

Sorcerer is the one located to skier's far right next to the groomer (Stoker), or left when you are scoping this run from the chair.

As this run is located lower on the mountain, conditions might be variable.

One look down when riding up the Solar Coaster Express will answer this question for you!