A relatively long piste with many different terrain types. Expert line with high risks.









As you leave the lift you will follow to the left with a high chance of ice and windswept patches for the first 100m or so.

As you take the turn left into the valley you will be safest if you stay to the left, as there are dangerous rocky patches to the right for around 200m.

The left embankments can be enormous fun but will vary each year with snow and wind conditions.

Now following the piste to the left, undulating for around 200m.

As you begin the middle part of this section you will need to keep momentum for the last leg.

Always keep to the left as you follow the flattening gradient as there are stream beds to the right.

the snow may begin to change dramatically as you head out of the shaded areas and into sunny spots.

At the last section the piste splits right to join Mittelstation-Rauz-Stuben and continues to Stuben.

Maintain a good speed as this can get sticky and very busy at times.

Following the piste down to the left will connect to Rauz village and finishes here.