Challenging black run, requiring stamina and strong legs!


Analysing terrain data








The start of this run drops away from the Standard 7 to the right half way down and straight onto a medium steep wide section, before dropping away more steeply onto a hardpack long section, requiring a good amount of speed control! Steering to the right avoids the steepest section.

Stick to the left for some grippy, steep short turns! The run flattens out relatively so you can get your breath back, before a short right hander and then back onto a cambered left hand turn first more gentle and then ever increasingly steep, as the chairlift goes overhead.

There is again a small respite as you go around the corner onto the last section which is even, hardpack and reasonably steep, allowing for great high performance turns, with a few bumps generally on the far right to play in, if the flat snow isn't enough for you! You drop out at the bottom just above the Patrullarve chair, as the red run from Sunnegga joins up.

A real leg-burner!