A beautiful and exhausting lap in the border area of Austria and Germany.









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Experience the Running and Nordic Walking Arena "https://www.tannheimertal.com/"Tannheimer Tal Whether you are a breathless beginner or a well-trained mountaineer, the "https://www.tannheimertal.com/"Tannheimer Tal is the perfect place for everyone who wants to get out in the fresh air and explore the surrounding mountains on foot.

All active people, from hobby sportsmen to professionals, are spoilt for choice day after day: Tyrol's largest network of trails offers 26 marked routes covering a total of 186 kilometres.

Beginners' loops as well as demanding mountain runs are included.

And so that all guests know which route suits their physical condition and your requirements, a specially prepared map and small boards provide information about the altitude profile, difficulty level and length of the route - the running and Nordic walking map, along meadows, over green alpine pastures, at glittering mountain lakes...

Walking and running in the Tannheimer Tal is not only the best training for the body, but above all balm for the soul.

The starting points for all movement hungry.

lie in the six places "https://www.tannheimertal.com/"Tannheim, Grän- Haldensee, Nesselwängle- Haller, Z?blen, Schattwald and Jungholz.

From here the walkers, Nordic walkers and runners follow the signs.

They're easy to spot: Male with sticks.

In addition, all the routes and ski slopes are divided into black, red and blue categories.

An optimal marking, which contributed among other things to the fact that the probably most beautiful high valley of Europe may call itself since 2005 officially "Lauf- und Walkingkompetenzzenturm".

Directions: From the parish hall in "https://www.tannheimertal.com/service/orte/schattwald.html "Schattwald turn west at the first possibility right and continue to the church.

Keep left here and continue in the direction of Kappl, and turn left in Kappl, turn right before the Vilsbrücke bridge and follow the Vils to the sewage treatment plant.

Turn left over the Vils and past the reservoir towards the south.

Follow the asphalted Rehbachweg to the left until you reach the forest, then turn left and continue westwards.

After the junction into the street turn left and to the hamlet Krummenbach.

From there head east onto the asphalted Rehbachweg.

Turn right here and turn left before the Steig district and continue to the sewage treatment plant.

Keep right there and follow the south bank of the Vils until you reach the Vilsbrücke bridge and cross it.

And back to the author's starting point.Tip: A stop at the Ruhehotel Rehbach is recommended.Safety information:It should be noted that there may be a risk of accident and injury in running and walking.

Despite careful route planning, a basic risk always remains.

Tour preparation through endurance sports, appropriate technical training and advanced training as well as personal prudence reduces the risk of accidents and risks.

Equipment: Personal equipment must be safe, usable and of the appropriate technical standard.

Everyone is recommended to inform themselves about the planned tours in technical literature or on site.

Complete equipment absolutely recommended even for the experienced! more information and links: "https://www.tannheimertal.com/"Tourismusverband Tannheimer Tal