A steep and often deep run for experienced skiers









FATMAP difficulty grade



This run is visible from the Schiltgrat chair lift, down to your right just before the top station.

After getting off the Schiltgrat chair or Gimmeln T-Bar go to the left of the piste where the "danger of avalanche" rope shows you where to go.

Duck under the rope and you can see a 40 metre wide steep powder field that is approximately 150 metres long.

This gives great powder turns after fresh snow and often good moguls when tracked out.

It is also the best bet for finding some fresh powder if it hasn't snowed for a while, although you may have to be more adventurous to find it.

At the bottom of the first field you bear left, traversing across one gully (you can drop in but it is very narrow and rocky.) From there you go down a steep but not as narrow gully which opens out into a snow field with lots of possible routes between bushes and rocks before rejoining the Hindenburg piste by the turn off to the Suppen red piste.

Alternatively when there is a lot of snow you can turn right at the top of the first field and take a direct route down a very steep pitch which rejoins the Hindenburg sooner than the other route.

In particularly good snow conditions you can drop in off the left of Schiltgrat ridge at almost any point, with some very steep and narrow sections accessible.