Secluded forest playground.









FATMAP difficulty grade



This line starts just next to the Chapelle snow park and drops down just behind the Avoriaz rubbish dump from which it gets its name.

It starts very close to the Combe aux Corbeaux and can be accessed from the top of the four man Lindarets chairlift, from the top of the Proclou chairlift or the top of the Chapelle park button lift.

Drop down into the snow park and turn to the right in the direction of the rubbish dump.

The first section is wide and great fun, you can take your own line and use the little jumps on the side until you reach a small path.

You will need to push along the trail for a couple of minutes before you drop into the forest.

Once in the forest you can ski anywhere as all lines amongst the trees finish on a summer road that is closed in winter.

Once you hit the road you can ride it all the way down to the Lindarets pistes.

This is not a difficult run but it is a good idea to ride with one or two friends as you will have difficulty getting help from anyone if you have an accident as it is unlikely many people will be passing close by.