Fun and accessible area that winds through the trees









If it has snowed and you want to ski some glades, Everglades on 7th Heaven is a popular spot that can offer tons of fun! This area has been featured as apart of Whistler Blackcomb's video project, 'Any Day Lines', where pro skiers and snowboarders show some of their favorite in-bounds areas.

Considering how accessible it is, the Everglades is a gem offering some fun tree-skiing on the lower portion of the 7th Heaven zone.

Get there early on a powder day or you'll find it tracked out, and you probably won't get to enjoy it alone - no matter the time of day! However, its popularity is for a reason, as the trees are nicely spaced out and if it hasn't snowed in awhile, you can still enjoy the bumps! If you are newly exploring this zone and looking for some glades to get a feel for the area, this is your spot!