A deceptively tricky red alternative to the Untere National with some fun terrain


Analysing terrain data








This run starts at the Patrullarve chair and is often seen as the easier alternative to return to resort compared to the Untere National.

It starts off gently on a wide flat section, before dropping away over a small ridge, with the Othmar's Skihuette music blaring encouragingly to the left! The run then turns into an icy gully to the right and a steep open section on the left for about 200m.

This turns intoa track at the end of the section, which winds first to the left and then round to the right, eventually joining up with Riedweg but not before passing Restaurant Ried.

There is an option of turning left after the icy section and gully onto an small but open hardpack face which can prove challenging and the speed can quickly build! Definitely worth checking your edges before starting down here, but worth it!