The theme trail begins at the labyrinth in the middle of the parish park opposite the parish office or in front of the parsonage. The path leads through the parish park to the church, where the first station of the theme trail is located.









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After the visit of the church the way leads past the jewels, which can still be found frequently in our area, our martyrs in the execution typical for the Mühlviertel as broad pillars.

The first Marterl, the Pfarrhofmarterl, is to be mentioned particularly, since it concerns here a completely special Marterl.

The Marterl has on all 4 sides distributed, several reverse glass pictures and many reliefs with different representations.

(Descriptions of the Marterl in the book: Kleindenkmale der Pfarre und der Gemeinde Rainbach erhältlich am Gemeindeamt, am Pfarrhof und in den Gasthäusern des Ortes) The first section of the 4.5 km long trail begins here.

It leads us through the gently hilly Mühlviertel, where the first station is located.

In this area the hiker sees and experiences the vastness of the Mühlviertel, feels the Bohemian wind, at times gentle and pleasant and then again strongly roaring and cold, can follow the train of the clouds or enjoy the warming sun.

passing by the glass wall and the glass mandala the visit now comes to the 4th station in the forest with a children's house and a wooden mandala, which is located in a typical Mühlviertler forest of spruces, pines and a few fir trees, where he can enjoy the peace of a forest.

After leaving the forest, the Feldaist valley begins, where the sandpicture is located on a small hill.

The path now follows the Feldaist for some time before changing to the other side via a small footbridge.

Past the bathing pond the kaleidoscope comes as the next station, before the hiker arrives at another highlight, the meditation place, where the meditation station, nestled against the embankment, is built.

Here you can feel and enjoy the security and the protection of the area through the embankment, the forest and the small meadow surrounding the station.

Alone with nature you can only hear the rustling of the forest, the chirping of the birds and the splashing of the Feldaist before the last part of the trail begins.

Here the hiker leaves the Feldaist valley again and comes to the last station, where the way back to the starting point of the labyrinth begins through Rainbach.