On Sunday, July 7, 2019, the participants will cover 220 kilometers and 3,500 meters of altitude on the long-distance route. Start and finish are in the Tannheimer Tal, directly in the centre of Tannheim. From there the route leads through the Allgäu and then to the highest pass road in Germany - the Riedberg Pass at 1,407 metres above sea level. We continue in and through the Bregenzerwald, over the Hochtannberg Pass and through the Lechtal Valley back to the starting point in the Tannheimer Tal.









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"The RAD-MARATHON now leads via Oberjoch, Jungholz, Wertach, Oberellegg to Kranzegg and on to Immenstadt.

From there it goes via Ofterschwang and Obermaiselstein to the Riedberg Pass", Keller announces.

This means that the highest pass in Germany with its 1,407 metres and a maximum gradient of 16 percent will also be part of the route.

"The Riedberg Pass is a tough nut to crack, as it is 8.7 kilometres long and 620 metres high.

From Obermaiselstein the road is very steep and winding - just a real pass road.

That makes him a real challenge," says Keller.

A long descent into the Bregenzerwald follows before the next ascent begins from Egg - into the high mountains, so to speak.

"A total of 42 kilometres of ascent from Egg, with the final ascent to the Hochtannberg Pass over 13 kilometres and 900 metres in altitude with a maximum gradient of 14 per cent.

This will show who is in good shape," says OK boss Keller.

The route continues via Warth into the Lechtal valley to the Gaichtpass, where the last hurdle before the finish in the Tannheimer Tal awaits.

"The 220-kilometre route is really demanding", confirm the former cycling pros Marcel Wüst and Gerrit Glomser, who have been regular guests at the RAD-MARATHON for years.

Directions: Start in Tannheim, Rossberg, Sägerklause via Grän, Tannheim, Zöblen, Schattwald via the STAATSGRENZE to Oberjoch and Unterjoch.

Afterwards again on Austrian national territory by Jungholz, before again German national territory is reached.

Past Wertach to Oy-Mittelberg, Petersthal, Kranzegg (1.

Verpfelgung), Rettenberg, Immenstadt, Bihlerdorf, via Hüttenberg to Ofterschwang, Bolsterlang to Obermaiselstein for 2.


Here begins Germany's highest pass road with the Riedberg pass at 1,407 meters.

After the difficult downhill Balderschwang and the 3rd catering is reached.

At the connection the STAATSGRENZE to Vorarlberg is passed and through the villages of Bregenzerwald, Hittisau, Lingenau, past Egg to Schwarzenberg and via Bizeau, Mellau to Au (4th catering) and Schoppernau.

The Schröckenpass follows and a fast descent to Warth for the 5th catering.

Continue over the LANDESGRENZE to Tirol and on the B198 to Steeg, Holzgau, Schönau (6th board), Bach, Elbigenalp, Häselgehr, Elmen, Stanzach until you reach Weißenbach where the 7th board is served.

Then turn left onto the B199 over the Gaichtpass, past Nesselwängle and Haldensee back to Tannheim.

Tip of the author: Every participant from the age of 18 (adult) is eligible to start.

Participants aged 16 and over can take part in the 131 km distance accompanied by their parents or with the consent of their legal guardian.

Participants aged 12 and over can take part in the 92 km distance accompanied by their parents or with the consent of their legal guardian.

With the payment of the entry fee the participant accepts all conditions of participation of the organizer.

Participation is at your own risk! In addition, each participant declares to release the organizer from all civil and criminal liability for personal injury and/or damage to property caused or suffered by the participant.

The participant declares that he/she has trained sufficiently for the "Rad-Marathon Tannheimer Tal", that he/she is physically healthy and that his/her state of health has been confirmed by a doctor.

The organizer is entitled to shorten the course and change the time limit in case of bad weather or other unforeseen events.In case of danger, it is also possible that the event may be cancelled or aborted by the authorities.

The organisers may remove participants from the competition who do not follow the instructions.Safety instructions: It should be noted that there may be an increased risk of accident and injury in racing cycling.

Despite careful route planning, a basic risk always remains.

A tour preparation by endurance sport, appropriate training and advanced training as well as personal prudence reduces the danger of accidents and the risks.

Equipment:Racing bike is recommended.Wearing a helmet is mandatory.

LICHTPFLICHT through the tunnels at the Riedbergpass and in Bregenzerwald (Vorarlberg): Every participant has to carry a spare hose with him/herself.

escort vehicles are undesirable - please keep to this! The StVO applies.

Further information and links: "http://www.rad-marathon.at/"Rad-Marathon Tannheimer Tal "https://www.tannheimertal.com/radfahren-tirol-allgaeuer-alpen/rennrad.html "Tourismusverband Tannheimer Tal