A run for mogul-lovers with pitch after pitch of bumps to get your legs burning!









FATMAP difficulty grade



There can be little definition down here in bad light, so if that's the case, stick to the pole line down the middle of the run.

To access, head down the White Hare (28) down the windy narrow top section as far as the split with the track back to Gornergrat.

Turn right here onto the open ridge line, at the end of this there is a right hand turn around the mountain, followed by a short track.

Drop down to your right (following the signs) onto an open, often mogulled face.

It is relatively steep down here, so the moguls are consistently large and even.

The piste veers slightly to the right and there are convenient rolls to allow for a brief stop and catch of breath! Nearing the end of this run there is a small gully, where the moguls start to flatten, before bearing round to the left and returning to the bottom of the piste, traversing in across Grünsee to the left and landing at the restaurant in perfect time for a drink!