Beginner friendly cat-track that weaves through the high alpine and leads back to the Roundhouse lodge









Pika's Traverse is a traverse accessed from top of the Harmony Express leading back to the Roundhouse.

It is both a connector route out of the Harmony and Symphony zones as well as being one of the only beginner-friendly runs in the high alpine.

As a result, you will find the narrow track very busy at all times of the day, especially when people are looking to leave the area, such as lunch and the end of the day.

Follow the posted signs up at the top of Harmony Express leading you along the ridge and down to Pika's Traverse.

The top section is shared with the popular Harmony Ridge and is therefore busier and narrower than other sections, as well as featuring a few moguls depending on the conditions.

After passing this portion, you will see the marked entrance to the traverse on your left.

This is a good run to get familiar with terrain in the alpine if you are looking for some more mellow terrain but still looking to explore and enjoy the great views up here.