From "" Tannheim over the Gaichtpass past the beautiful Plansee, around the Ammergebirge through Füssen back to "" Tannheimer Tal.









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The "" Tannheimer Tal has been known among cyclists for a long time, because in 2001 the Austrian Cycle Tour's troupe went through the valley.

In 2005, the cycling pros of the Bavarian Tour came to Tyrol for the opening stage of the tour and were rewarded with the Tannheimer Tal mountain classification and the Jungholz mountain classification.

And even professionals noticed the scenic charms of the "probably most beautiful high valley in Europe".

Rich green meadows, the Haldensee lake and a beautiful mountain scenery accompanied the cycling pros on their competition kilometres.

And so the Tannheimer Tal has also been praised as an ideal region for targeted training or extended tours.

"The Tannheimer Tal is an ideal starting point for long racing bike tours to the surrounding regions such as Lake Constance or the Arlberg," says Michael Keller, Managing Director of the Tannheimer Tal Tourism Association and former Austrian national mountain bike trainer.

In addition to the ideal starting point, cyclists will find a wide range of accommodation in the Tannheimer Tal.

From a 5 star house to a private room you can choose your accommodation.

After a nice trip, relax and recharge your batteries.

-"The Tannheimer TalHow to get there:Start at the tourist information office in " "Tannheim heading east, past Nesselwängle and the Gaicht pass down the valley to Weißenbach.

At the roundabout take the exit towards Reutte.

Follow the road via Höfen and Lechaschau to Reutte.

At the roundabout take the exit in the direction of Fernpaß.

At the end of Reutte turn left towards Breitenwang/Plansee.

At the roundabout in Kerckelmoos straight ahead to Plansee.

Along the shore of the Plansee.

Past Linderhof Castle and through Graswang to the Ettal intersection.

Turn left through the villages of Ober- and Unterammergau to Bad Bayersoien.

Continue on the B23 until the Steingaden junction.

Turn left and follow the road to Steingaden.

Turn left in the town centre and take the B17 via Halblech and Buching towards Schwangau.

Before Schwangau turn left towards Hohenschwangau with a view of Neuschwanstein Castle.

At the end of Hohenschwangau turn right to Alterschrofen and continue towards Füssen.

Before the Lech bridge turn left towards Vils.

Before the Ulrichsbrücke turn left to Pinswang.

A short ascent over the Kniepass and further via Pflach to Reutte follows.

Follow the road to the left in the direction of the railway station.

At the roundabout take the first exit to the right, next roundabout straight ahead.

At the main roundabout again straight on from Lechtal, continue through Lechaschau and Höfen to Weißenbach.

At the roundabout turn right into the Tannheimer Tal.

Before Nesselwängle turn right, drive through Nesselwängle and back to the starting point.

Safety information: The StVO applies.

It should be noted that there may be an increased risk of accident and injury in racing cycling.

Despite careful route planning, a basic risk always remains.

A tour preparation by endurance sport, appropriate training and advanced training as well as personal prudence reduces the danger of accidents and the risks.

Equipment: The personal equipment must be safe and usable and correspond to the respective technical standard.

Every cyclist is recommended to inform himself in technical literature or on site about the planned tours.

Complete racing bike equipment absolutely recommended even for experienced cyclists! Further information and links: ""Tourismusverband Tannheimer Tal