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Charlie's Corner is a fun run that can bring you either to the Summit Platter or down to the main lodge.

There're multiple ways to reach this run, either from the Top of the World Chair, or from the front of Mount Whitehorn on the summit platter area.

To reach the run from the Top of the World Express Head down Sunset Terrace and take the right after the terrace which will lead you to Charlie's Corner.

This run is full of small bumps and has options on the trees to your left.

The area is fairly open but the draw will tend to lead you towards the Summit Platter Poma Lift. If you're looking for Charlie's Corner from the Summit Platter area, Head down either Outer Limits or Middle limits and you will find the run naturally before you.

Take the corner and meet up with the summit platter.

Be sure to investigate the trees as there can be stashes of fresh powder and fun features to play on.

Meet up with the Summit Platter to gain access to more extreme terrain in the super steeps and in the back bowls. The Summit Platter itself is a steep Poma lift that will bring you to the top of Mount Whitehorn.

From here you can take in the whole resort with Lake Louise behind you and the back bowls in front including Richardson Ridge and the Purple Bowl.