The 3 hut hike leads you through the Dr. Vogelgesang gorge to the Bosruckhütte, on to the Rohrauerhaus and the Hofalm and leads you back to your starting point.


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Route description:Start: Parking at the former Gasthaus Grünau/Spital am Pyhrn - along the Klammbach (Mauthüttte) - from the Dr.

Vogelgesang-Klamm to the Bosruckhütte (approx.

1 hour 15 min) - on to the Rohrauerhaus (1 hour) - on to the Rohrauerhaus (1 hour).) - continue to the Hofalmsattel with beautiful views of the Teichltal and Windischgarstner Becken - approx.

45 min, from the Hofalmsattel via the Hofalm 1305 - return to the former Gasthaus Grünau (approx.

2 hrs.)At the Klammausgang you come to the Bosruckhüttenstraße, where the international long-distance hiking trail No.

601 is signposted.

The Bosruckhütte - 1,036 m is managed from the beginning of May to the end of October and from Christmas to Easter.

601 leads slowly uphill and you reach the Rohrauerhaus 1,308 m in approx.

45 min and is managed from approx.

mid-May to the end of October.

If you are in good condition and you are sure-footed, you could take the so-called "Hofersteig" No.

615, which is a steep ascent, to reach the 2,244 m high Großen Pyhrgas, which takes about 2.5 hours.

From the Rohrauerhaus, a rather flat, only partially slightly ascending path No.

618 leads along the Pyhrgas flank to the Hofalmsattel 1330 m, where you can enjoy a magnificent view of the valley at " "Spital am Pyhrn and the Windischgarstnerbecken, as well as a panoramic view of many mountain peaks of the Totes Gebirge, which are up to 2,515 m high.

From the Hofalmsattel the path 614 leads in approx.

2 hours to the summit of the Großer Pyhrgas.

The Hofalm 1,305 m is about 10 minutes' walk below the Hofalmsattel and is open from approx.

mid-May to approx.


Walking time from the Rohrauerhaus to the Hofalm approx.

45 min.

For the descent from the Hofalm into the valley to the Grünau or to Spital am Pyhrn there are two routes available.

The Pyhrgas path no.

614 is a steep forest path or the driveway no.

618 and from the Finstertal the forest road, path no.

7 is more comfortable to walk on.

For the way into the valley you have to calculate at least 2 hours.