The starting point of this hike is the car park at the Hotel Irmgard am Kronberg or the parking area at the Pfarrerhütte junction.


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Pass the barrier and continue straight ahead along the forest road in the direction of Wienerroith.

At the crossing Wienerroith-Neuwegstüberl you turn right and then go slightly downhill on an asphalt road to the Neuwegstüberl.

Before you get there you should make a short detour straight ahead to the viewpoint and enjoy the wonderful view of the Attersee lake.

4 km straight ahead from Neuwegstüberl to the alluvial forest there is a forest road that also divides a wild boar enclosure.

Now you leave the "Wildschweingebiet" again and keep right in the direction of Straß, where you walk approx.

300 m straight on an asphalt road.

Turn right at the Roiss-Roith road and walk up the asphalt road to the houses.

Behind the houses turn left onto a dirt road that leads you slightly uphill to a forest.

You walk for about 5 minutes through the forest and then on a dirt road along the forest.

On a hill you now see Haus Wimmer, Kronberg 24, to which you hike up.

After the farmhouse turn left and follow the road until you reach the Kronberger Landesstraße.

If you want to shorten this tour a little, turn right at the crossing Wienerroith-Neuwegstüberl/Auwald and follow the signs 3a Auwald.

You now hike on a forest road, which leads you through the wild boar enclosure, about 45 minutes slightly downhill to Sagerer/Straß.ONE POSSIBILITIES:Jausenstation Hollerweger, Kronberg - no rest dayHotel Irmgard, Kronberg - Hotel Hofer, Kronberg - always open from May to September