The " "Jakobsweg Weststeiermark was opened on 25 July 2010 and is divided into eight stages. These were chosen in such a way that they are manageable for average hikers. Overnight accommodation is available at the end of each stage. Particularly sporty pilgrims will probably be able to cope with a larger daily workload, while in bad weather or on sightseeing tours the mileage will be lower. Most of the path leads along existing hiking and pilgrim routes and some along asphalted municipal and country roads.


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The "" region Lipizzanerheimat is an irresistible encounter with tradition and modernity, rural lifestyle and diverse folk culture.

We can enjoy the unique interplay of the landscape conditions in a unique and varied way.

Along gentle hilly landscapes, in the middle of green alpine meadows or high up on the Koralpe we can bring our senses into harmony without everyday stress and noise.

Honest cordiality and perceptible hospitality are the special features of this unique journey of discovery of a different kind.

Many world-famous artists have left their mark here.

Friedensreich Hundertwasser designed the " "St.

Barbarakirche and Prof.

Ernst Fuchs the " "Mosesbrunnen in Bärnbach. Who does not know them, the " "Lipizzaner and the Lipizzaner stud.

Exhibitions at the " "Stölzle Glas Center Bärnbach provide annual insights into the fascination of glass.

Dive in and relax at the " "Therme NOVA in Köflach.

We can cool off in one of the reservoirs (Hirzmann Reservoir, Packer Reservoir, Sobother Reservoir) or on the leisure island Piberstein or in the Schlossbad Bärnbach.