On the mountain pasture, there are ... No, there was really hardly any sin, there was no time for it at all. The work was very hard, says the Resi, who has been running the Puglalm every summer for more than 30 years, she has nothing to do with walking the whole day yodeling through alpine meadows in dirndl dress.


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We hikers at most are granted such pleasures - e.g.

on this 4 km long circular hiking trail.

At the beginning it is not so easy to get away from the hospitable Karlhütte.

We hike down the wide road between the pastures into the valley of the Laussabach.

The first focal point: the Red Cross Chapel, which was built more than 100 years ago by the alpinists at a healing spring.

Shortly before we reach the historical Proviantweg, on which once iron was transported from the Erzberg to the Garstnertal and food was returned.

If we follow it to the right (uphill), we come to the Egglalm.

However, the alpine pasture path follows the food trail to the left and leads us next to the lively brook to the next adventure station: Horch, the brook.

Soon afterwards we reach the meadows around the cosy Laussabauernalm, which marks the lowest point of our hike at 780 m above sea level.

Well fortified, we continue on to the nearby vantage point, where a table explains life in the rock of the Kampermauer.

We cross the road and climb through the rustic forest at the foot of the imposing rugged mountain to the station Auf der Weide.

The last part of the way leads over to the Puglalm - the third temptation to stop for a break.

Passing the panoramic view and experiencing the incredible transformation of the landscape from the sea to the limestone Alps, we finally return to the starting point.